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    Micro-motor control parameters

     All kinds of micro motor performance varies widely, its performance parameters is difficult to unity elucidated. Generally speaking, used to drive machinery operation and start focusing on the micro-motor force and energy means - South Korea SPG micro motor standard; make use of the power to consider the output power, waveform and stability; controlling micro motors are biased towards static and dynamic parameters. The first two categories of the motor parameters and characteristics similar to ordinary motor.
    Only micro-motor control has its own unique characteristic parameters.
    Edit this paragraph 3.1, Operating Characteristics common output and input, or a single output and the other output to represent the relationship between the amount. From the control requirements, the static characteristic curve should be continuous, smooth, no mutation; dynamic characteristic curve or common frequency response curve. Frequency curve should be smooth, no sudden jump oscillation point; response curve should fast convergence.
    Edit this paragraph 3.2, the sensitivity of the input signal corresponding to the output unit size. Commonly used than torque than force, so that the amplification factor.
    Edit this paragraph 3.3, the precision certain input conditions, the output signal of the actual value and the theoretical value of the difference represents the precision micro-motor, commonly used size of the error representation.
    Edit this paragraph 3.4, the impedance or resistance in the system, micro motor input, respectively, and the corresponding output impedance matching circuit should ensure that the system performance and accuracy.
    Edit this paragraph 3.5, the reliability is not only control the special requirements of micro-motor, micro motor drive and power micro-motor also have this requirement. Common life, loss of efficiency, reliability and MTBF and other parameters characterize the micro-motor operation reliability.

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